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Women's Center of Wake County Website

Women’s Center of Wake County Website

The Women’s Center of Wake County wanted to make changes to their website. Originally. they just wanted to update a few HTML pages but after discussing their needs, I recommended redeveloping the site using WordPress.  Some of these needs included the ability for multiple individuals within the organization to update and add content and the ability to […]

Design Course: Digital Painting

I worked with an instructor at NC State to create a hybrid and fully online version of his Digital Painting course. The instructor’s primary goals when we started were: To create content and demonstrations online that were easy to update and build upon, and To facilitate formal and informal group critique online in an asynchronous environment. […]

Moodle Navigation Strategies

One common complaint about Moodle is that, by default, the navigation is very linear. Sometimes this linear organization does not make sense based on how a course’s topics are structured. This was the case in several courses that I worked on and I have highlighted below two of these courses: a History of the Middle […]

Isometric Solutions

Isometric Solutions contacted me to redesign their website in WordPress. Below are some screenshots of the before and after. Before, the colors, layout and imagery looked dated and the multiple navigation bars made it difficult to find what you were looking for.  I set up the new WordPress site, customized the design template, embedded their […]