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Instructional Design

iPad App Demos

I have developed a series of iPad App demonstrations for a large pharmaceutical company. These demos walk sales reps through how to use the various apps and present scenarios in which the apps would be beneficial.  I came up with the idea of using screenshots or screen capture with the video of the hand  overlaid […]

Pharmaceutical E-Learning

I have created a series of e-learning modules to train sales representatives at a large pharmaceutical company. All of these were developed in Articulate Storyline and were published for a Learning Management System (LMS) and mobile devices. All of these modules are interactive, using a combination of text, images, audio, video, and Storyline interactive features […]

Virtual Slide Viewer

As part of the lab for an introductory textiles course, students needed to identify fiber types and fiber characteristics under various microscopic conditions (red plate, different mounting mediums, zoom levels, etc.) as well as correctly use a micrometer to aid in measurement and identification. This traditionally was completed in a lab where compound microscopes were […]

Microscope Explorer 3D

As part of an online introductory textiles course, students needed to be able to identify the parts of a compound microscope and how they are used. Solution:  I led a team of multimedia developers to create an interactive website and mobile application developed in Unity 3D that includes a 3D model of a compound microscope […]

Online MBA Course Shell

The MBA program was launching a new online program and I was asked to lead the instructional design efforts for these courses. Since we were involved early on before course development started, I saw this as an opportunity to create some consistency across courses, both visually and pedagogically. At the same time, many of the […]

Women and Gender Studies Course

In this course, Women and Gender in Science and Technology, students discuss how social factors influence the way male and female science and engineering professionals experience the fields of science and technology.  In order to meet the learning objectives of the course, the instructor wanted to ensure that the course: Encouraged intellectual discourse and a […]

Mobile Video Framework

In an introductory fashion course, there were typically 30+ students huddled around one machine trying to view very detailed and complicated demonstrations. As a result, many of the students were not gaining or retaining the knowledge of basic sewing skills that they would need when performing these skills in this and future courses.  For instance, […]

Psychology 101 Online Module

Students in an on-campus Psych 101 course at NC State seemed to struggle with a module on how the eye works. While the content was covered in depth in lecture and in the textbook, they seemed to have trouble visualizing some of the concepts and how these concepts related to one another. Solution I worked […]

Faculty Course Development Resource Site

Every year, NCSU awards IDEA Grants to faculty for online course development projects. The instructional design team wanted to create a resource that would pull together best practices in course development and also allow IDEA grant recipients to connect with one another. Solution: I led efforts to create an IDEA Grants Resource site in Moodle […]

Map Annotation Tool

Students studying literature from past eras often are challenged with relating to the content in terms of life situations during the time in which the work was written. Historic maps are sometimes used to help students bring context to written words. In ENG 251, Major British Writers, the instructor wished to use maps for this […]