Design Course: Digital Painting

I worked with an instructor at NC State to create a hybrid and fully online version of his Digital Painting course. The instructor’s primary goals when we started were:

  1. To create content and demonstrations online that were easy to update and build upon, and
  2. To facilitate formal and informal group critique online in an asynchronous environment.


For the first goal, we created a WordPress site that included the following:

  • All of the course content including video demonstrations, lectures, a glossary of common design terms, and a featured works section that featured student projects and assignments.
  • All of the course essentials (syllabus, welcome video, about the instructor page, resources page, announcements).
  • Course related feeds such as the instructor’s Twitter Feed and RSS feeds for design-related news and events.

For the second goal, we created a Ning site that served as their online studio space. Each student has a profile page where they can share information about themselves, upload photos and videos of their projects and assignments, and post blogs about their process.  Other students can leave threaded comments on their profile page or on individual items that they have posted.


Wordpress Course Site

WordPress Course Site

Ning Critique Space

Ning Critique Space

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