Map Annotation Tool

ENG 251 Map

Students studying literature from past eras often are challenged with relating to the content in terms of life situations during the time in which the work was written. Historic maps are sometimes used to help students bring context to written words. In ENG 251, Major British Writers, the instructor wished to use maps for this purpose in her online course.


Natively, Google Maps allows you to add annotations but it only shows present day London, not London at different periods in history. Therefore, a custom solution was created using the Google Maps API that would allow students to annotate a map of London from the 1660s, acquired from the British Library. Additional features added to the system that are not available through Google maps are:

  • the ability to share videos without needing embed code
  • the ability to add threaded comments
  • the ability to have the map behind WRAP authentication and to have entries connected to student Unity IDs
  • the ability to toggle between instructor and student annotations

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