Course Marketing Websites

Below are examples of marketing web pages that were created for the majority of online courses I worked on at NC State. I worked closely with faculty and multimedia developers to create the designs for the sites. I also provided guidance and feedback to the instructors on how to write content for the marketing pages […]

Moodle Navigation Strategies

One common complaint about Moodle is that, by default, the navigation is very linear. Sometimes this linear organization does not make sense based on how a course’s topics are structured. This was the case in several courses that I worked on and I have highlighted below two of these courses: a History of the Middle […]

Isometric Solutions

Isometric Solutions contacted me to redesign their website in WordPress. Below are some screenshots of the before and after. Before, the colors, layout and imagery looked dated and the multiple navigation bars made it difficult to find what you were looking for.  I set up the new WordPress site, customized the design template, embedded their […]

Eramid Business Plan

This excerpt is from a business plan I created for Eramid Interactive. It includes, among other things, an executive summary, a market analysis, a marketing and sales plan, an operations and management plan, and a financial statement. Eramid Business Plan

Product Marketing Plan

This excerpt is from a product marketing plan that I created for a series of science dictionaries for K-12. It includes, among other things, an overview of the company, a SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, target market analysis, and recommendations for a marketing campaign. Marketing Plan  

CFA Program Brochure

This brochure was created to market a CFA Diagnostic and Assessment Engine created by Eramid Interactive.