Through my art I bring together disparate and contradictory elements, creating a new whole that is more than the sum of its parts – digital intertwines with natural, structure dances with chaos.

My creative process begins with designing my work digitally. This gives me the opportunity to experiment and make mistakes while also setting up my designs to be laser cut in the process. These designs are typically geometric in nature, surfacing the hidden yet simple structures behind people or moments – a person sitting in a chair or a moon rising over a rooftop.

Translating the digital into tangible pieces with the laser cutter adds to the sensorial experience for me – the smell of wood burning, the texture of different wood grains, the ability to add visual depth through layering. At this stage of the process, I embrace the imperfections of the natural material and the seemingly unpredictable outcomes each can provide.

Finally, I add color to the pieces by staining or spray painting them. Through this process, I have discovered that the negative space is often just as, if not more, interesting than the positive space. When I spray paint, I capture the negative space in an old cardboard box and revel in the temporary play between overlapping shapes and colors. I also treat the remaining scraps as found and fortuitous works themselves, embracing that which is random and accidental.

Without consciously thinking about it, my work expresses the two sides of my personality – that part which craves structure and routine and the other part that craves abstraction and uncertainty.